Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Tesoro!!!

We know it's a little early, but we decided since Rob will be stealing the thunder of your birthday tomorrow... we thought we could help return the favor and 'borrow' his birthday to celebrate yours.

Happy Birthday Fran!

Music to Scroll By

For your birthday, I used my words.

Have a wonderful day full of Hope.

I love you, twin.



Happy Birthday Tesoro!

I know you like to keep your birthday on the D/L, but your birth is definitely something to celebrate. So allow us to indulge with some Rob goodness on this special day. I thought I would use my new toy (the Mac…I mean the Mac. LOL) to make you a little birthday video – so enjoy! I can’t even begin to express how lucky I am to count you as one of my dearest friends – albeit long distance. We have so much in common – and not just our love/lust for Rob, my soul sista! So my dear Fran, enjoy this day!!!





I hope you are having a wonderful birthday. I'm so happy that our love of Twilight and Rob brought us together. I will always remember seeing Rob in New York with you. I'll even remember crying when we had to go our separate ways. I wanted so badly to stick myself in your suitcase and go home with you :) Our time in New York for WFE weekend had to end at some point, but our friendship will go on for many many many years. The excitement of 100 Monkeys weekend proves that. We got to experience a whole lot more that weekend, didn't we? I loved making finger guns with you over good ol' Al and joking with you at that "special" party. You are such an amazing person and I am so very proud to call you my friend.
I love ya Franny!

Happy Birthday,

Love Kassie


Fran, my (our) Madrina, BellaTesoro!

I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have you as my friend!
You know just when I need a laugh, some advice, or just a big cyber hug!
I Love you!!!
I wish you a Very Very Happy Birthday and many many more...
For your present, I wrote a little something special for you...I hope you like it.
I'm sending it to you privately. Here's a little teaser...

Hey, Tesoro! You didn't think I'd miss your birthday!
Here's to broken buttons and ripped seams!

Amore Lei, Edward xoxo

Birthday Love & Hugs,

Naughty & "E"


Happy Birthday, BT!!!

I had such an amazing time when we were in NY and I cannot wait to see you again one of these days, soon.  I hope you have a wonderful birthday - I mean how can you not when it's so closely shared with this beautiful man who brought us all together.  Thank you for always listening to me complain about teaching (and how much I just want a job!) and for sharing your experiences to make me feel better!  I'm glad we have that, among so many other things, to share!  You deserve a great birthday, enjoy, laugh, stare at some know you want to!

Love, Q/Lauren


Skipping the mushy gushy .

And I know I made this last one for you last year but
what's a birthday party without cake?


Happy Birthday, Fran!  I had to add something to this post for such a special person.

Hope you celebrate your birthday

Reading some fan fiction

and smiling

You deserve it all today, my bel ami.


We can't forget that today is in fact Rob's birthday. Happy 26th Birthday Mr. Pattinson!

Also can't forget that today is also a very special holiday
To the Mom's of 12 Months of Rob, Happy Mothers Day!!!


  1. Awww, geezzzz, you made me freaking cry right from the get go. The music to scroll down with is of course my all time favorite and hits the soft spot in me.
    I HATE my birthday. Probably cause I’m getting old and don’t want the reminder. But you all, make the years slip away, making me feel “17Forever-Lisa-like” and that’s a good person to strive to be. j/s
    Getting this on Mother’s Day, and Rob’s birthday is a great present all around. So special!
    @Lisa, “My” Lisa. Because I’m possessive with things I value. I may hold the name Tesoro, but she’s a real life treasure. The card with all those Words shows me just how much she sees me. She knows how much Words mean to me, and that it’s really all I have of value to give to you all. Here’s just another stab at that.
    I think I’m going to have to copy that Word Card and just carry it around with me forever, I love it that much. And even though her name isn’t in it, black and white, it’s written within that card in the boldest of ways. I see it.
    @UAB. After Twilight itself, it was You who brought me to this place, to these beautiful women, these moments of pure fun. I’m so happy I found you and you led the way.
    “MAC” is going to be your new lover. I love mine. He’s a constant, always physically sitting on my lap. You did a wonderful job putting those white shirts, tees too, in the most delicious display. Enjoy MAC, you can get very creative with him. xo
    @Kassie, If not for you, I’d never had made it to NY, never had met Lisa, found Lauren, answered Megan’s knock and let her in, and especially never had seen your sweet heart. If you were my real life daughter, I would be proud of you, and I am. Thanks for letting me into your life.
    @HBMarie, I’m honored you think of me as Madrina. You are a fantastic mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend. You are so balanced with goodness and spicy tartness. You make my heart smile. And no one else has ever written me into their story, or their hearts like you. You include me without even thinking about it. (Can’t wait to read MY story)
    @Lauren, You charm us all by just your smile. Then enter in your mad tech skills and you are a queen for sure. You amused me from our first street hello. So reading your story set in NY, on the streets no less, makes me so happy. Sharing this all with you means so very much.
    @kiTT, Thank you for the Rob card. I’ll keep it with all my other prized possessions. You know what a twi-hoarder I am. You bring us together kiTT, you keep us, me,entertained and in the know. I appreciate all you’ve so generously shared with me.

    Words, I love them. Thank you for all of yours (and the Rob pics don’t hurt either)
    Love you girls!

  2. Awwww.....*sniff* Fran - I'm getting misty eyed too!
    We love you so much!
    Hope you a wonderful Mother's Day today and birthday tomorrow!

  3. You, Ms. Fran, are easy to welcome in to our hearts. Don't ever forget that. We all love you!!! Now, go read your little sumthin' sumthin! Mwah!

  4. Happy *early* Birthday!

    Of course we have to celebrate, and who says you didn't just turn 17 again? *holds out cake with 17 candles and an extra 1 for good luck*

    I will always be grateful for your encouragement to go to New York. I got to spend the weekend with you getting to know you in person was so much more than through the computer! I got to hang with Lisa one of the coolest people I know, I'll wait for her to disagree bc only the cool ones don't think they're cool. I got to meet my favorite blogger Robzie and break the habit of calling her that. Then I got to meet my pervy twin, Lauren. So without your gentle encouragement and generosity I never would have made it to New York. So really had we not been there this blog, this group of wonderful women I call my friends would have never come together. I guess we can thank Rob too bc without WFE premiering there this all wouldn't have gotten started in the first place.

    Here's to you *passes out mimosas* happy birthday and a very happy Mother's Day

  5. Fran: I have to tell you (for the third time - lol) that deciding what to do for your birthday post wasn't hard at all. But that's the thing. Everything with you is so damn easy. You and your words mean the world to me...and so many I wanted to celebrate words on your special day. And that song. Oh that song. It will always, always make me think of you/us. It makes me cry when I listen to it because it's so beautiful...just like you. Have a wonderful birthday full of Hope for the year ahead. XO

    UAB: Look at you with that video!!! I'm so happy you made it for Fran, because it was a gift to me/us too. Perfect song for perfect pictures. Now you have me wondering if I can do that too.

    Kassie: Now I don't know how to respond. If I say I'm not cool, than I'm saying I am cool. LOL!! I love you to pieces, girlie, so you thinking I'm cool, well, that just made this old mom's day. Mwah!

    Naughty: Naughty pictures...always a win! And I see in my email alerts that you wrote Fran an outtake. Another great gift for her.

    Lauren: As I've said before, it rained and had us back in that particular spot in line for a reason that find you.

    kiTT: Fran's right, you are the glue that holds us all together. Wait for it... (((HUG)))

    itsjustme1217: You are still me hero. js.

  6. Thanks again girls. I loved my birthday post. Be sure to check out Naughty Marie's CM outtake.
    "Tess" gets to meet Edward and he puts his "moves" on her! *fans self*

    @itsjustme1217, thank you for stopping by and adding to my birthday wishes.

  7. To all of Bella Tesoro`s friends out there , thanks for saying all those wonderful things about her. I was overwhelmed reading your blog. What a beautiful tribute to her birthday. She is all of everything that you said and more!!! She is "Perfect" and I too am proud to call her my friend!!!
    XO Sarah

  8. @ecullenable, I'm laughing my ass off writing that stupid name. You little shit, look at you coming
    over to the dark side for ME. Everyone, this is my real life friend, who's name I'll leave for now. How sweet of you
    to come out and actually comment.
    And, She's reading Fifty Shades of Freed, right now. Bravo and thank you for stopping by our home.

    1. Oh Ana the pleasure was all mine! For you anything!!!

  9. Wait. What? We have visitors? *puts on lip gloss*

    As Fran can tell you, Sarah, I'm not a girly, girl but I am OCD about my lip gloss ;)

    Thanks for stopping by and echoing how we all feel. We are proud to call her a friend too. And I, for one, am jealous that you get to spend time with her in "real life."

    Thrilled to hear you're reading the Fifty Shades trilogy. Maybe a movie premiere is in your future and we'll get the chance to meet in person.

  10. You are going to give her a big head, getting all spiffied up and all. I'll see if she comes out
    of lurking enough to spend some time with us.
    Marie, she'd love CM and especially Fran Tesoro. I'll see if she wants me to email it to her highness.

  11. Lisa, that song is so beautiful and will always make me think of Fran. (and you are cool, with or without lip gloss. ;)

    UAB, awesome video! The white button downs set to Rob singing = two thumbs way up.

    @Kassie - thanks for the mimosa. and i like it when you call me Robzie. :)

    *waves to Sarah* welcome to the dark side. it's more fun over here. enjoy some fifty shades, do you? yeeesssss. (that was my best yoda)

    Happy Birthday to our one and only Madrina.

  12. @kiTT, thank you for the extra eye candy! Makes me warm all over. So be warned, a hug is coming your
    @Meg. Now I have ALL my girls right here.
    You will forever be badass Robzie to me. Meeting you though, I realized that badass could also mean someone warm, kind and strong. You made me understand
    that what we know from people on line, is only a fraction of who they really are. But you gave me a chance
    to find out who you really are, wonderful. Thanks for all this and more. Can't wait to hear more about your
    adventures at Disney. xo


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