Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rob's Birthday Train - Birthday Memories

Happy Birthday Rob!!! 

You made some wonderful appearances and it was amazing to see you doing so much are a couple of our favorites from the last year:

MTV Movie Awards - June 2, 2011

Jimmy Kimmel - November 2011 (part 3)

Ellen - November 2011

There are so many more but these were some favorites!!  Thank you for always, always, always keeping us entertained...don't ever lose your zany personality...and always be you!

Follow the blog train!  Your next stop is Robmusement!!


  1. The Jimmy Kimmel interview slays me

  2. Too many fabulous memories to choose!!!! Everything Rob did this past year is a favorite memory. I still gotta say the F-Bomb is probably up at the top of my list of faves though.
    Great Post Q!!!!

  3. Love Rob videos, you always get the real deal to replay forever.

  4. Ok, so I failed on the train! I missed my stop last night...I was a bit busy. All of these little appearances make me squirm and squeeze my thighs together...ooopps! TMI? LOL
    Thanks for All the Memories, Rob! Laureate has saved them for posterity...let us know if you need a copy of any of them or...maybe some company watching them????

  5. I just love that outfit he is wearing on kimmel. it's prob one of my faves.

    he's so funny. love the brush off the shoulder move. haha

  6. I had almost forgotten all those were last year...
    Thanks for the reminder hon! Wonderful moments!


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