Friday, May 18, 2012

Rob's Birthday Train - PicSpam

Happy Birthday Rob!!! 

The end of this birthday week has arrived so we would like to wish you one more very happy birthday - we hope it was everything you could have wanted.  Robmusement is hosting one hell of a picspam over at her blog today so click the link at the bottom of the post to go check it out.  Between here and there....some of our favorite pics from the past year:

The many looks; goofy, serious, happy, sexy; of Rob from the past year.  

Thank you for everything, Rob! 

Follow the train!  Stop back at Robmusement for some more picspam! 


  1. So many lovely things to look at on one man

  2. *sigh* I miss the sex hair and the goatee...please have a goatee in Cannes, please have a goatee in Cannes...
    Lauren, you are one hell of a broad! You handled this, wrote SIB outtake, beta'd the hell out of CM and started another little project. You deserve a break!
    Fran, I absolutely loved your letter! Don't tell me you can't blog! You are fabulous!!!

    Happy 26th Birthday, Rob! I wish you many more!

  3. Even though every day is a day we celebrate Rob, it was special doing it for his birthday.
    Love all the faces of Rob here, and can't wait for those to come.

  4. Fascinating man! Every photo is different and unique. Sometimes, you may think you are looking at the same photo, but there is always a subtle difference to be discovered! We will always want MORE!

  5. Yay! Finally got my comments to work!

  6. oh...hey there, today show rob. another gorgeous edit by Melbie.

  7. no matter how much Robp0rn I look at, I never get enough.
    thanks for another fill!


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