Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rob's Birthday Train - Birthday Letter

Happy Birthday, Rob!!!

Dear Rob,
Writing you birthday letters never grows old for me. Sort of like you. You might think the novelty of you would grow stale, lose its “dazzle” but no, doesn’t happen.

 Just the opposite in fact has happened since last I’ve written you. Each new year just seems to bring something fresher, bolder, more interesting and intense.

There’s really nothing I can wish for you that you don’t already have. You continue to have your art form, your pick of projects to help stretch your acting abilities.

Last year, my wish for you, was for some private time, and a place where you might find some peace. I’m thinking you managed to find those peaceful moments, I’m thinking in between the star studded limelight resulting from this amazing year, you found some time to reflect and enjoy this journey. And so this year I’ll wish you more of the same. I wish you continued success as you continue to wisely choose projects that speak to your soul as well as bringing you the recognition you so richly deserve.

I’ll close this letter with acknowledging and celebrating not only your birthday, but for the moments you’ve helped create in my life. I have you to thank, for bringing to me, wonderfully talented, deeply devoted, and sincerely caring friends. My 12MonthsofRob sisters and the friendships we’ve carved out, are nothing less than precious treasures. It’s you Rob who’ve centered us around a community that has inspired us, and branched us out among a variety of worth while endeavors.  

Your presence in this world has inspired countless of us to do better, become more, and reach for dreams that lift our spirits. Thanks to you  Rob, writers write better, lasting friendships have been formed, support systems in place for the trying times in our lives, and laughter and lightness abound as we watch your bright star descend on us all. 

"BellaTesoro" Fran

Follow the birthday train!  Your next stop is: Robmusement!! 


  1. This is a beautiful letter.
    My fave line: Your presence in this world has inspired countless of us to do better, become more, and reach for dreams that lift our spirits.

    I love it!

    1. Amen sistah and "BRAVO" Fran!! *applause*

  2. Wonderful! Enjoyed reading he has done so much for you

  3. oh, My Madrina! You write such heartfelt and lovely letters! Your words ring so true! Mwah!

  4. Oh I forgot to as before, If you wuld like to be affilates with RA (Rob Attack) Please send me your banner URL and Your site URL to RobAttack1@hotmail.com

  5. This was such a sweet letter!!! He is truly very lucky to have fans that adore him so!!! Loves it!!!! XOXO

  6. Oh Tesoro....you always have a way with words! *sniffs* If Rob only knew how many amazing friendships have grown out of our love for him, he would be astounded. I love you girls sooooo much! I think this is what this fandom is all about!

  7. Fran, you never cease to amaze me with your words. Rob is lucky to have a fan like you. Someone who supports him, wants him to succeed, and overall just be happy.

    He has brought together the best bunch of women I know. I love ya Fran!

    Happy birthday Rob!

  8. Wonderful words about a wonderful man!
    Great job Fran!


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