Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ms Sassy Kassie!!

Well, well, well, May certainly has been a busy month around here at 12months of Rob.  We've had birthdays galore as well as exciting Rob news, but today is a VERY special day!!

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of our own, Ms. Sassy Pervy Twin!

Kassie - we love you so much and we hope you hav
e a fantabulous birthday.  We tried to get you ob for your birthday, but he was a little busy out of the he said that he'd give you a red carpet appearance (Tux Rob!) for your birthday instead, since he couldn't be here himself.

Now, with that message delivered from's some messages from our 'staff' here at 12months:

A few pictures to remind you of what you helped make create for us. Moments in time, forever frozen, capturing memories we made happen.
It is with your “sassy” open self that then, and
to this day makes me happy to know you.
Have a great day sweet girl. Keep shining your happy light on us all.


Another year older!  Just remember, getting older means your getting closer to your 'prime'. Since I met you, you've made me laugh, cry and most of all, smile. Sometimes, all at once!! I treasure having you as a friend.  I appreciate all the work you've done on Cover Me. You and your Perv Twin are the Beta Tag Team from Heaven!   Happy Birthday!  May you have many more adventures!
Someone wanted to send his Birthday wishes...

Kassie, Sweetheart...
I couldn't let this day go by with out telling how much I love taking my clothes off for you.  You're the sweetest audience.  I was on the hunt today, looking for you...when I found you, I lost my pants...How do you do that? Huh, Baby?

Come on home now, I have your present waiting...
Happy Happy Birthday, Sassy!
Love, TC & His choreographer, Naughty


I hope your birthday is full of magic!!!
Don't forget to check out your other presents on
Twilight Junkies Anonymous!!!!
Love, UAB


You know what they say... Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
Now go and get yourself some, you smoking woman, you ;)

Happy birthdayKassie!

Love, Lisa



Happy Birthday to thee one and only Miss Sassy Kassie!

I hope you have a fantabulous day, girlfriend.
You are young, free, witty, and fun.  
Take the world by storm, baby.

Thank you for being a friend.

Now a few messages from our main homeboy, Robert Pattinson.

Rob may bare it all for Team Kassie.
heart, Meg


Kassie - you know that over the last year you've become one of my greatest friends.  You are my o/s collaborator, my beta and pre-reader, my blogger buddy, my fellow wrestling fan, my fanfic dealer, my Chicago counterpart, and most of all my pervy twin...I couldn't imagine my life without a friend like you in it. I'm so glad for the rain that caused you guys to head back to your hotel in NYC and made it so that we ended up together in line...and for Jen's crazy-ass DX gloves that caught your attention.  I was going to spend a whole crap-load of time working on some sort of fancy thingy like the ladies above have done and then I realized that Rob was giving you a present this week that I couldn't contend with, so I'll share that instead.  For your birthday, Kassie, Rob is out and about at a suit, in a button down...without the buzz cut...and looking damn good...he is the best present I could give you:

...a little new Edward...

...a little Red Carpet...

...a little button down, fan time...

...and of course a little ass shot for good measure...

Happy Birthday from all of us at 12months, Kassie...and Happy Birthday from Rob - he gives you Cosmopolis at Cannes for your birthday...what a wonderful gift!  

Love ya!


  1. Happy birthday Kassie.
    I hope you have a great day with tons more Rob ass shots

    1. Thank you so much! I hope for all of our sake we get more Rob ass shots, best gift he could give the world :)

  2. I could not have asked for better friends. Thank you all so much! I love you all! Now... it's time... everyone ready?? *GROUP HUG WITH CANNES ROB IN THE MIDDLE*

    Fran- Thanks so much for getting Rob to sign my birthday card!! I don't even think I have the words to express how much you mean to me. You helped to pull me out of my comfort zone and try something crazy! Which in and of itself is pretty amazing since you were going so far out of your comfort zone to get me there. I will forever be grateful that I got to spend a weekend in New York with you, then again in Chicago. I mean sure the boys being there was pretty spectacular but getting to spend time with you and the rest of my favorite ladies was the best part.

    Naughty- My pervy musketeer, thanks for giving me a little sneaky peek at TC ;) hubba hubba! You help bring my inner h00r to the surface, she's been there hiding out but your Naughty side has really helped me embrace her. Thanks for always being there when I'm in need of advice on fanfic, life, and everything in between. I <3 you hard!

    UAB- I already turned into a sobbing mess on TJA. Thank you for the Magic!!

    Lisa- This is by far.... my favorite pic of myself and the other man in my life! Thank you for everything. Again I am out of words but I'll try. Thank you for always being there and creating some amazing memories. That weekend in New York, 100 Monkeys and meeting Icy are gah just amazing! I could not have picked a better person to do all of those things with. You are loved by many people in this fandom and I'm just lucky enough to call you my friend and to have spent time with you doing things we love.

    kiTT- Thank you! I hope to have a wonderful upcoming year with you being in it. We share not only our love for Rob but Burn Notice and Matt Bomer too ;) Thanks for always being there, even at 2am when I'm freaking out :) I can always count on you for telling me how it is. You are truly a great friend.

    Meg- Oh Meggy!! I probably sound like a broken record but spending the weekend in New York with you was the greatest! From the minute you decided to come join us, to the second you knocked on our "Thank God this isn't a Craigslist thing" door, I knew we would have a great time. I can't wait until the next time we can do something crazy like that again! Thanks for sharing all of your Robzie goodness with me. You are a great friend, I hope you know that! Love ya!!

    Lauren my Twin- When it comes to Rob, you and I are on the same page. And that is no surprise since we are on the same page about everything. Who would have though a torrential downpour would turn into all this??? Thank God for the rain! I want to hug you so hard right now! I can't wait until we get to get together again. Thanks for being an amazing Twin and friend. I love ya Q!

    PS: I love Rob's Cannes can ;) ;)

  3. Aw Fran thanks for all the New York memories :)

  4. Awwww. Now you went and made me cry. Your heart...your BIG shining through in your comments. I hope you know that I feel very protective of you ;) You have definitely been a part of some of the biggest moments in my life. Another highlight for me is going to my first White Sox game with you. You are one of the few who truly understand my love of baseball. Here's to another year of memories. Love ya!

    1. How could I forget to mention the game!?! That was so much fun!! I can't wait to go on many more adventures with you!

  5. Thank you birthday girl for all the lovely words. Like Lisa, I have mama bear feelings about you. Watching you as you enjoy all these adventures, trying out who you are and taking steps toward who you are yet to be, is exciting to watch unfold. Thanks for allowing me into your world and sharing it with me. Enjoy the rest of your special day and know you are loved. xo


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